UK Legal Rights and the RIght to Die

One of the biggest contentions when it comes to legal rights in many parts of the world including the UK, is an individual’s legal rights when it comes to the right to die and the assisted dying laws.

Currently in the UK assisted dying is not supported by law. So this means those that are wanting to end their life because of personal circumstances based on their health they need to travel outside of the country.

When it comes to medical needs and medical care in the UK there are many legal rights that come into play but ending one’s life is not one of them. It is not likely that there is going to be any resolution to this problem in the UK any time soon. There are several people that are leaving the country to be able to do this and many that have done so.

Mercy killing and assisted suicide are not legal rights in the UK and this must be fully understood as there are serious consequences for those who participate in this. One exception to the rule is what is called passive euthanasia which is done in a medical setting.