Smokeless Tobacco for Protection of Non-Smokers’ Rights

Smokers have been sued and fined on many occasions. Just because you’re allowed to smoke doesn’t mean you can light up your cigarette anywhere. Some places are no-smoking zones. Others allow it, but with conditions. That’s because not everyone wants to inhale the smoke. Besides, cigarette smoke can increase the risk of diseases and illnesses such as lung cancer, asthma, and heart disease, on top of being a nuisance to non-smokers.

Non-Smokers Cried and Tobacco Companies Responded

With non-smokers having the legal right to be protected from tobacco smoke, it was only reasonable for tobacco companies to comply with this. They did so by creating smokeless tobacco products, such as dip tobacco and snus.

Smokeless Tobacco; the Real Deal

By coming up with nicotine pouches, dipping tobacco, and other smokeless products, the companies have made it possible for users to consume the substance anywhere and everywhere, without being a nuisance to anyone. For instance, it is almost impossible for the person sitting next to you to notice you’re using dipping tobacco. It is consumed by putting a small amount of the product between your lip and gum. It’s discreet, and there is no smoke or vapor produced. You could even sit in a meeting without showing the slightest hint that you’re dipping.