The Legal Right to Remain Silent in the UK

One of the common legal rights that many are aware of when it comes to these types of rights is the right to remain silent.

In order to understand the right to silence an individual needs to know what it is. Basically, it means you do not have to say anything by way of explanation or in your defence if you are being charged or questioned by the police.

This legal right to remain silent is known as the Miranda rights. It is used in many countries but in the UK there is quite a simple version of it. What is important to know is that if you are going to be arrested or charged with a crime then your legal rights in regards to the Miranda rights must be made known to you.

This is done by the Police reading you your Miranda rights or quoting them verbatim. It will tell you that you do not have to say anything. It also warns you that if you choose not to say anything it could harm you later on when you appear in court for your defense. It also will inform you that if you do decide to say something that anything you do say can be used against you as evidence.

You will also be asked if you understand these rights. If you say no then they should be further explained to you. Now you have the big decision as to whether you want to remain silent or not.