Legal Rights of Seniors in the UK

Every person no matter what their age is have certain legal rights that apply to many different categories. One age group that needs to be aware of their legal rights is seniors because they have become so vulnerable.

Their legal rights are best outlined by the human rights legislation that exists in the UK. However, there is a big problem with this because there is nothing in this that is specific to seniors. Therefore many of the legal challenges that this age group is facing today is not being corrected through specific legal rights that have been designated to the seniors.

Some of the challenges that the seniors face is lack of proper housing, and health care needs being met. Even elder abuse can be counted among these challenges. What is really important to be carefully studied and solutions created for in the future is the difference between rights and legal rights. Although it is highly recognized that senior deserve many different rights, if they are not classed as legal rights then they have nothing to protect them and no way to enforce these rights when the senior is being denied them.