Your Civil Rights Law Firm Needs an Intranet

As a civil rights lawyer, you’re probably aware that the legal world is fast-paced. So, it’s crucial that your IT infrastructure keeps up with the industry speed to enhance productivity across your company or business. Among other things, an effective intranet can boost employee collaboration, engagement, and communication. Find here five reasons why an intranet is ideal for your civil rights law firm. But before that, let us look at the intranet definition or what it is.

An intranet is a network of computers or other gadgets that are connected to facilitate communication between employees of an organisation or business. As you can tell from this definition, an intranet is not accessible by outsiders (people who don’t work for a particular company).

Five Reasons an Intranet is Ideal for Your Civil Rights Law Firm

Online Forms

As a lawyer, online expense forms are invaluable to your firm. Why can’t you save time on paper and time with these forms? You can save your online receipts directly to your online form instead of saving paper receipts. And while doing so, the automatic calculation will do all the heavy lifting, saving you all the hassle and time.

Convenient Out-of-Office Access

Your law firm probably doesn’t follow the traditional 9 to 5 office hours, right? Hence, allowing your employees to access work whenever and wherever they want is paramount. Purchase an effective intranet, and your employees will have secure access to your company documents and other work essentials from any location.

IT System Security

Your law firm needs to retain and conceal important information, including client details. This information should never find itself in the hands of a third party without your clients’ consent, save in the case of a court order. Therefore, having robust cyber security in place should be a priority. With a good intranet solution, you essentially have a multi-layered security system to ensure your internet connections, mobile devices, computers, endpoints, and other infrastructure are under super protection.

People Directory

A directory, possibly with people’s contact information and photos, is an asset for your firm. It helps to know all your employees, especially if you’re running a giant law firm split over multiple offices or locations. The directory also proves helpful when you want to find people you haven’t met previously; a quick search should take you to the information of the person you’re looking for. You can also take advantage of live chat features: for fast communication and collaboration. All these things are possible if you use an intranet.

Engagement Tools

From idea share exchange to events calendars, you can implement many tools and features to enhance employee engagement and make work easier with an intranet. For instance, an events calendar helps your employees to keep tabs on your company’s goings-on and know what others are doing without having to enquire directly from them. An idea-share exchange provides a central communication point and eliminates the need for long email threads.