Legal Rights When Having Surgical Procedures

If you are considering a body augmentation procedure, then what happens if things go wrong with the process? What rights of redress do you have with the company responsible and the individual surgeon? How do you get things put right to gain compensation for faulty or ineffective surgical procedures? So many questions about this form of surgery and what you can do about it. The best way to approach surgical breast enhancement or buttock lifts is to use a reputable firm of specialists such as Motiva who guarantee to explain and guide you through what can be an arduous process.

Why Consider Motiva?

Motiva has undertaken over one million breast implant procedures. All are offered with warranties that can be extended up to five years. This means you can be confident that, in the unlikely event that things go wrong, Motiva will address any issues without legal redress. They offer various forms of breast implants such as:

  • Motiva Round, which gives a full, round upper breast shape. These use not only long-term true monobloc implants but also offer BluSeal technology and Qid Safety Technology.
  • Ergonomix which look, move and feel like natural breasts. These are supplied with QidSafety Technology and guaranteed minimal scarring.
  • Anatomical True Fix Sensation, which is rotation resistant and maintains a classic teardrop breast form. Again Qid Safety technology is employed to ensure there are no unwelcome problems.

It is clear that the best way to avoid expensive legal costs is to make sure your surgeon is a trusted and fully guaranteed provider. The importance of checking online reviews cannot be underestimated, and a visit to a local provider should become the norm. Motiva even have their own patient bill of rights which offers assurance that only the best materials and technology are used in their processes. To be absolutely sure of your legal rights, a copy can be downloaded from their website. Indeed, Motiva will arrange a visit to a local surgeon who will thoroughly discuss the augmentation process with you to answer any questions you may have.


Cases of medical negligence are fortunately rare but can lead to costly legal disputes if you select the wrong company for your surgical procedure. Never go abroad tempted by cheap operations since, in many countries, the medical process is not regulated as closely as in the UK. By taking steps to seek out the right companies, checking personal testimonials, and availing yourself of extended warranties, you can approach your breast operation with complete peace of mind. Look for a company such as Motiva who offer initial and post-operation consultation with qualified local surgeons. Careful selection in the first place can avoid medical complications. You know with Motiva that they provide a top-quality process that is guaranteed from day one. Check out their site today.