Employee Legal Rights You Should Know

Being employed can be an exciting experience, especially for people who have been looking for employment for too long. The reality is that many people join their workplace without bothering to know their rights. This gives room for the employer to take advantage of them. Many benefits come with knowing your employee legal rights, including the fact that it can get you better pay and benefits packages.

Basic Employee Rights

  • Right to keep a copy of employment agreement:

When you are signing your employment contract, you should insist on having a copy of it. This will act as your reference point for further engagement with your employer. By looking at the copy of your contract, you will fully understand your responsibility. It is always advisable to talk to a lawyer before signing your contract so that they interpret for you the legalese that is sometimes buried in employment contracts.

  • Right to be protected against sexual harassment:

Never keep quiet if you are being sexually harassed at work. Regardless of your sexual orientation, speak up against the perpetrators. Reports indicate that many people are harassed at work, but the sad part is that they never speak up. During your initial orientation at work, ask about sexual harassment policy. If you are already working, talk to human resources if you are no longer safe.

  • Right to equal pay for equivalent work:

There is a global tendency for men to be paid higher than women, even when doing the same job. Black people have also complained in the past about receiving lower pay compared to other races. You have a right to complain about it and even take legal action if you feel you are being discriminated because of your age, gender, race, or other factors.

Before taking legal action, you should consider speaking with management and human resources to see if they can make interventions. It all starts with knowing your legal rights and affirming yourself.